Visa B2B Connect

Visa B2B Connect

VISA B2B Connect is a non-card payment network that enables bank-to-bank, cross-border business transactions. Golomt Bank offer its corporate clients the fastest and cheapest foreign payment service in USD and EUR to 106 countries through VISA B2B service.
    • Enhanced coverage globally with access to 100+ markets with continued growth
    • Enables FIs to send and receive cross-border payments with predictability, finality and data transparency delivered same or next business day
    • One stop international funds transfer
    • One to many global access, peer to peer data rich messaging and netting of payments
    • Reduced cost and flexible pricing
    • Simplified and uniform fees and processes for all transactions


    * Visa B2B Connect benefits are applicable to in-network payments only. Payments to out-of-network banks are also available

    • The sender and receiver of the transaction must be an organization
    • Transaction currency should be either USD or EUR
    • Have to physically visit Golomt bank’s branch or settlement center to make transactions
  • Transaction amount /USD, EUR/ USD EUR

    When submitted transaction is rolled back or cancelled

    0-20,000 40 USD 40 USD $80

    If the receiving bank returns the transaction due to incorrect transaction information provided by the customer, the commission will be calculated from the returned amount of the transaction.

    20,000.01-50,000 55 USD 55 USD
    50,000.01-100,000 70 USD 70 USD
    Above 100,000.01 85 USD 85 USD

    *The fee is 80 USD if the transaction is recalled or the transaction is returned due to the customer providing incorrect transaction information.

    Click HERE for general terms and conditions for products and services.

    • In accordance with international laws and regulations against money laundering and terrorist financing, please write clearly the details of the sender and receiver of the transaction; – Phone number; – Purpose of the payment.
    • In the case of making foreign transfers in Euro /EUR/ currency to European Union countries, it is mandatory to write the recipient’s IBAN account number. By sending a transaction with an IBAN number, the transaction will be completed quickly in the recipient’s account, and it can be entered directly without going through many banks and branches, so it has the advantage of saving transaction costs. ‘
    • Example of IBAN account number: GB14WXYZ20562325648978IBAN
    • Details: -GB-
    • Recipient’s bank country code:

    – 14WXYZ- Check code

    -205623-Bank code

    -25648978-Account number is structured like this.

  • Click HERE to download the international remittance order.

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