The Platinum Card

The Platinum Card

Our most prestigious credit card, provides you with immense flexibility and worldwide recognition. Includes superior features and exclusive services both domestically and abroad.
2 years
Apply now
VIP service at all branches
Card delivery service
Priority Pass card
Travel insurance up to $50,000
Accident insurance up to 10 million ₮
High credit limit
  • Brand Visa
    Type International
    Validity 2 years
    Currency MNT USD
    Annual fee 500,000₮ $250
    Credit limit /minimum/ 15,000,000₮ $15,000
    Credit limit /maximum/ 200,000,000₮ $100,000
    Cash limit rate 50%
    Daily cash withdrawal limit 10,000,000₮ $10,000
    Daily purchase limit 300,000,000₮ $100,000
    Balance enquiry at Golomt bank’s ATM Free
    at Other domestic bank’s ATM 100₮
    at Foreign bank’s ATM 500₮ $0.5
    Cash withdrawal at Golomt bank’s ATM 100₮ ​0.3%
    at Golomt bank’s branch 200₮ ​0.3%
    at Other domestic bank’s ATM 600₮/TDB ATM 100₮ ​0.3%+500₮/TDB АТМ 0.30% + 100₮
    at Foreign bank’s ATM 1.5% /minimum 3,000₮/ 1.5% /minimum $3/
    Transfer at Foreign bank’s transfer 1.5% /minimum 3,000₮/ 1.5% /minimum $3/
    Monthly statement day 4th
    Monthly payment due day 25th
    Minimum payment rate 10%
    Retail interest free period Up to 50 days
    Retail interest charge 2.0% /from payment due day/
    Cash interest charge 3.5% /from cash withdrawal day/
    Excess limit rate 10%
    Monthly excess limit charge 10,000₮ $5
    Monthly late payment charge 1%
    Event service notifications via SMS Free
    Partial Payment Service /pay equal amounts monthly including interest/ Free
    Period until card block in case of non-payment after 1 month
    Card replacement Free
    Instant card replacement fee Free
    Re-issue pin code From Golomt bank’s branch Free
    Instant re-issue pin code fee Free
    From Internet bank and smart bank Free
    Choosing the card number 50,000₮
    Maximum amount of accident insurance compensation 10,000,000₮
    Maximum amount of travel insurance compensation $50,000
    Priority Pass​ Cardholder $15-$26.5
    Other guests $29
  • For new customers with salaried income

    • Customers who receive salary from other banks must provide past 1 year’s salary account statement /for customers with job experience less than 12 months on their current work must provide statement no less than 6 months/
    • Customers with loans from other banks and/or non-banking financial institutions must provide their loan agreement, loan amortization schedule, account statement
    • Customers with co-lender must provide co-lender’s Salary Verification Letter.

    Бизнесийн орлоготой иргэн

    • Account statement for past 1 (one) year
    • Corporate charter, certificate, special license.
    • Related agreements such as Rental agreement, Immovable Property Certificate and other related documents
    • Customers with loans from other banks and/or non-banking financial institutions must provide their loan agreement, loan amortization schedule, account statement

    For card re-issuing customers

    • ID card
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    • Priority pass card /Your comfort- Our priority/
    Priority pass card gives you to access over 1000 airport executives lounges while you wait for your flights. The benefits of Priority Pass membership allow you to do that whenever you travel, regardless of which class or which airline you fly.
    Visit for more information regarding “SELECTS” Rewards program.
    • Travel insurance
    All platinum cardholders will insure “travel incurance” free of charge. ​Maximum reimbursement available: 50,000 USD.
    • Concierge service
    All platinum cardholders are entitled to receive “Concierge service”, which allows the cardholder to receive any travel related services such as ticket ordering, restaurant and hotel reservation, translation service, emergency service etc.

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