Golomt Bank joins the PCI Security Standards Council as a new participating organization

Golomt Bank joins the PCI Security Standards Council as a new participating organization

Golomt Bank, a major player in the social and economic sector of Mongolia, has joined the PCI Security Standards Council /PCI SSC/ as a new participating organization. Thus, Golomt Bank will work with the PCI to help secure payment data through the ongoing development and adoption of the PCI Security Standards. Also, as a participating organization, we add its voice to the standards development process and will collaborate with a growing community of more than 800 participating organizations to improve payment security worldwide. Golomt Bank will have the opportunity to recommend new initiatives for consideration to the PCI Security Standards Council and share cross-sector experiences and best practices at the annual PCI Community Meetings.

Norihiko Kato, Chief Executive Officer of Golomt Bank: “Golomt Bank is proud to join the PCI Security Standards Council as a participating organization, demonstrating that we are playing an active role in mitigating threats, improving payment security and driving awareness and adoption of PCI Security Standards. It’s one of the important milestones for Golomt Bank to become the PCI security standard council as a first and only member in Mongolia and to join global giants such as PayPal, Amazon, Microsoft, U.S. bank, HSBC, Citi.”

The keystone is the PCI Data Security Standard /PCI DSS/, which provides an actionable framework for developing a robust payment card data security process and preventing, detecting and mitigating criminal attacks and breaches. Since 2017, Golomt Bank has implemented PCI-DSS standard requirements in its operations, and is audited annually by an international audit organization.

Lance Johnson, Executive Director of the PCI Security Standards Council: “In an era of increasingly sophisticated attacks on systems, PCI Security Standards and resources help organizations secure payment data and prevent, detect and mitigate attacks that can lead to costly data breaches. By joining as a Participating Organization, Golomt Bank demonstrates they are playing an active part in improving payment security globally by helping drive awareness and adoption of PCI Security Standards.”

 About PCI Security Standards Council:

 The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council was established in 2006 and formed by American Express, MasterCard and Visa Inc. with the goal of managing the ongoing evolution of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. The PCI SSC is a global forum that is responsible for the development, management, education, and awareness of the PCI Data Security Standard and other standards that increase payment data security.

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