Social Responsible

Main directions we support

  • We believe that highly skilled and educated young people will make an important contribution to the future social, cultural and economic development of Mongolia. Therefore, we have been supporting education for many years.

    • We support the financial education
      • Golomt bank launched “National Savings Program” in 2016 for the first time in Mongolia’s banking sector, and a total of 200,000 customers have joined.
      • Golomt bank, in cooperation with MNB radio, has prepared and broadcasted a program on “For Customer’s Financial Education” throughout one year.
      • As part of our efforts to support our clients' financial education, we have produced and delivered 10 series of radio plays.
      • We are broadcasting a program called “For Your Financial Education” in cooperation with “Business Radio 98.9” to provide knowledge on how to address personal and household financial needs.
      • We are preparing a series of articles for the first time in Mongolia to support the financial education of citizens, in cooperation with “Daily newspaper”, which has the largest readership in Mongolia.
      • The website, which provides comprehensive financial education for its customers, was launched in 2015, and in 2020, the platform was launched, including a more innovative look and a more comprehensive range of news and information.
      • The database has been enriched and a dictionary of about 6,000 English words on banking and finance has been introduced in Mongolia for the first time.
    • We support SMEs
      • Golomt bank has launched a website for SMEs for the first time in Mongolia, and restructured and updated the site in 2016.
      • Golomt bank introduced “Customer-centric” banking services nationwide and developing at all levels of its operations.
      • Golomt bank has started providing “Agricultural and Rural Development Project Additional Financing” loans to its business customers through a concessional loan from ADB and the Ministry of Finance of Mongolia.
    • We support education
      • Golomt bank, a business initiative launched in 2003, has traditionally provided more than MNT 1 billion in scholarships to 1,400 students over 17 years.
      • Golomt bank’s “Student Research Conference” was announced for the 15th time in 2016, and 109 works by 173 students were received.
      • According to the research, 49% of all university students nationwide have not paid their tuition fees for the 2015-2016 academic year. As a result, students drop out of school and lose their confidence in the future, so Golomt bank and the Ministry of Education and Science have launched “Good Student” program.
      • During the “Securities Market Day” organized by the Mongolian Stock Exchange, Golomt bank provided investment advice, securities account opening services, and training on the securities market.
      • A small amount of Golomt bank's "Golden Key" children's savings are deposited in the Mongolian Children's Welfare Fund, and a total of MNT 649 million has been accumulated.
  • Supporting sports, culture and the arts is our duty, which is important for the development of Mongolian society. In this context, we focus on the Olympic Games, football, and also Mongolia’s unique heritage of traditional arts and music.

    • Supporting sports, culture and the arts
      • Golomt bank supported its athletes to represent Mongolia at the 15th Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Brazil.
      • Golomt bank sponsored the 6th Asian Student Basketball Championship in Mongolia. The Mongolian team took first place in the competition.
      • Golomt bank sponsored the Soroban Festival and the Soroban National Championship organized by the Mongolian Child and Youth Association of Soroban.
      • In 2016, Golomt bank successfully organized its 20th hiking trip.
      • Golomt bank successfully organized a football tournament attended by more than 360 representatives from 14 embassies and international organizations in Mongolia.
      • Golomt bank and MCS Group jointly organized a friendly football tournament.
      • All employees of Golomt bank have successfully participated in and contributed to basketball, volleyball, football and chess competitions.
      • Golomt bank has been cooperating with the State Morin Khuur Ensemble for the 8th year in a row, contributing to the dissemination and promotion of Mongolian national folk art around the world.
      • Golomt bank supports the activities of the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater to equally disseminate and promote world and Mongolian classical art and education.
  • The bank supports financial and intellectual investments in the Government’s initiatives to expand Mongolia’s foreign relations and encourage foreign direct investment.

    • The Government initiative supporter
      • Golomt bank contributes to Mongolia's economic development through its membership in the World Economic Forum, International Finance Institute and the Consultative Consulting of Developing Countries.
      • Golomt bank is the sole sponsor of the “Developing Responsible Mining” and “Anti-Corruption Partnership” meetings of the Anti-Corruption Partnership Initiative organized by the Office of the President of Mongolia in cooperation with the World Economic Forum in Geneva.
      • Golomt bank sponsored “Judiciary and Justice Forum” initiated by the President of Mongolia for the first time.
      • The 4th “Forum of Commercial Professionals” was successfully organized, in cooperation with the Bank of Mongolia.
      • Golomt bank worked as the official bank of “Discover Mongolia-2011” International Mining Investor’s Forum.
      • Golomt bank supported the official visits of the President and Prime Minister of Mongolia to Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, China, Hong Kong, and the United States of America.
      • Golomt bank presented a report on the country's economic situation during visits to the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Singapore, Germany, and Australia.
      • Golomt bank sponsored the “Mongolian Economic Forum” for the third time, which is organized by the Government of Mongolia.

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